Local SEO Pack

From: $12.00 / month

Local SEO is important if:

  1. You have one or more locations
  2. Your customers live within twenty miles of your location
  3. You want to be on the first page for location-based searches

We add the Yoast Local SEO Premium plugin to give small businesses the ability to create contact us pages and local service area pages with the required schema markup. This is not a Local SEO service. If you don’t wish to do it yourself, we can recommend third-party resources that can develop and execute a Local SEO strategy.


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What does the Local SEO plugin do for me?

The Local SEO plugin will help you rank better in local search results. Simply put:

  1. It tells Google everything it needs to know to put you on top in local search results
  2. It enhances your contact page, so your online visitors actually make it to your place
  3. It optimizes your local SEO for one or more locations*, to optimize service area pages

This technology supports the technical SEO requirements and presents your data in a format that search engines prefer. Combined with an optimized Google My Business page, consumer reviews, and consistent directory listing, it will improve your chances of ranking on the first page for a local search, “Your product or service near me.”

*Service area pages are not included. Please purchase a Content Support bundle, and we will build service area pages.