Digital Marketing Package

$50.00 / month

The Digital Marketing Package is important if you:

  1. Actively use paid digital media
  2. Create and manage multiple product landing pages
  3. Use marketing and sales funnels to nurture prospects and maximize marketing ROI

We add the technology you need to manage digital marketing. This is not a digital marketing services product. If you don’t want to do it yourself, we can recommend third-party resources that can develop and execute a digital marketing plan.



What does the Digital Marketing Package do for me?

We add the technology needed to use your website as the destination for digital marketing. This includes Tracking Scripts Manager, professional popup manager, a landing page template, and CartFlows – the best WordPress sales funnel software.

Tracking Scripts Manage makes it easy to add, remove, and manage any and all tracking scripts. For example, Google Analytics, the Facebook Pixel, and the AdWords tracking scripts can all be added and managed along with any other scripts required by third-party marketing platforms.

Popups are annoying but they work. There is a simple popup manager included with the Basic subscription. The Digital Marketing Package includes a professional popup manager that includes analytics and lets you execute more popup styles and actions including exit intent.

Landing pages are the desired destination for digital marketing. We add a landing page template that suppresses exit points, includes the Inn8ly page builder, and allows for a marketing-specific privacy policy page.

Once your investment in marketing has delivered a customer it’s time to maximize the value of the transaction. CartFlows lets you add a sales funnel to the purchase process. An order bump, and upsell, and even a down-sell can be added easily and quickly.

If you need help with Tracking Scripts Manager, landing page creation, or managing CartFlows you can purchase support from a content specialist who has the training and experience to get you going.