Directory Add On

$50.00 / month Subscription charges start after 30 days!

The Directory Add On is important if you:

  1. Have a directory of third-party entities or resources
  2. Want to organize staff or partners
  3. Have a large number of listings

We add the technology you need to create and manage an online directory.



What does the Directory Add On do for me?

Simply stated, it lets you have and display a directory of listings.

A directory of third-party resources can generate traffic to your website and it will increase the value to your users.

Or you are a club and want a membership directory. Or you have a large team and want a staff directory.

Perhaps you are a small town and need a website for the Chamber of Commerce. You would use a directory to list all the chamber members.

Another use case would be an event. For example, an art fair or a film festival, where you have a directory listing of all the participants.