Small Business Owners - Stop fighting with your website.

Inn8ly will take care of it for you.

Professionally designed, built, hosted, secured and most important, maintained websites for the monthly cost of a smartphone.

Launch My Website

Inn8ly is designed to help small business owners take full advantage of a modern website without being bogged down with all the complexities of a modern website. Our team does it for you.


A new website in 3 easy steps.

Tell us what you need.

Use the simple on boarding form to give your contact information and the basic requirements for your website.

We build your website.

We schedule a meeting to review what we’ve built. Now you can add additional content, or have us do this for you.

We launch your new website.

When it’s ready, you have all your content added, we will launch and maintain your website.

What does it cost?

Your Inn8ly website is available for a low monthly fee. Inn8ly, is a software service that provides a professionally designed, built, hosted, secured, and most important, maintained website for about the same cost as your cable bill.

  • No up front cost for a designer or developer followed by needing to actively maintain the website. You pay us a low monthly fee for a two year commitment—Inn8ly takes care of you.
  • You can manage your content, or send it to us an we’ll do it for $50 per hour—Inn8ly takes care of you.
  • A basic website gets you started. Add and pay for the functionality and additional marketing services you need when you need them—Inn8ly takes care of you.
  • Basic website – $250 set up plus $99 per month
    • Basic + additional functionality adds $10 to $25 or more to the monthly cost*
  • Basic eCommerce website – $500 set up plus $149 per month
    • Basic eCommerce is included – additional functionality adds $15 to $35 or more to the monthly cost*
  • A two year (24 month) commitment is required
  • After 24 months, if you decide to move on, any software license and/or image licenses provided would need to be purchased. There is a $250 charge to package the files.

* Actual costs depend on what’s selected

Why Inn8ly?
Because building and actively maintaining a website is our job, not yours.

Experienced Team

Our team of content managers, designers, developers and project managers have been doing this for large brands across the country for more than 7 years. Our business leaders have over 20 years experience marketing on the web.

Security Peace-of-mind

Securing your website against hackers is our priority. It will be hosted on our dedicated enterprise level servers. You have lots of things to worry about, your website won’t be one of them. If you get hacked, we will fix it at no cost to you. And we will likely have it fixed before you realize it happened.

Design & Content Help

If you wish to change your website’s content, the flexible content management system gives you many different options. Or if you want Inn8ly to do this for you, our team of designers and content managers has the expertise to help you stand out from the rest.

Inn8ly takes care of you.