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Why Inn8ly?

Because we have 10+ years of experience designing, building, and maintaining websites for businesses large and small.

Experienced Team

Our team of content specialists, designers, developers, and project managers has been supporting large corporations for more than ten years.

Our business leaders have over 20 years of experience marketing on the web.

Security Peace of Mind

Securing your website against hackers is our priority. It will be hosted on dedicated enterprise-level servers that we own and manage.

If you get hacked, we will fix it at no cost to you. You have lots of things to worry about; your Inn8ly website won’t be one of them.

Design & Content Help

If you wish to change your website’s content, the flexible, easy-to-use content management system makes it easy.

Or, if you want Inn8ly’s help, our team of content specialists has the expertise to make your changes faster and better than you can.

Elevate Your Business Online!

Choose a Lite, Basic, or Basic Plus Website Subscriptions.

Inn8ly Lite

A low-cost, DIY website. Your content in a professional design.

Select a design template, update the content areas with your information, and then Inn8ly will launch the site, and maintain the software and security.

If you need help, purchase some support hours, and one of our content specialists will work with you.

Inn8ly Lite is the ideal solution for smaller, early-stage businesses.

Inn8ly Basic

Our content specialists design and build a unique website using your content and requirements.

Once your site is launched, you can manage your content, or you can purchase support and have our content specialists do the work for you.

Inn8ly Basic is the ideal choice for an established business.

Inn8ly Basic Plus

All the benefits of the Inn8ly Basic subscription plus more pages and additional functionality like an online store, or membership, or courses, or whatever you need.

Inn8ly Basic Plus is the ideal solution for a well-established business that’s using digital marketing.

What does it cost?

The Inn8ly subscriptions provide business owners with professionally designed, built, hosted, secured, and most importantly, maintained websites.

An Inn8ly website subscription gets you started. Then you can add and pay for the functionality and additional marketing services you need when you need them—Inn8ly takes care of you.

All Inn8ly subscribers have access to our low-cost white glove support.

  • No upfront cost for a designer or developer followed by needing to maintain the website—Inn8ly takes care of you.
  • You can manage your content or send it to us, and we’ll do it for $50 per hour—Inn8ly takes care of you.
  • Hosting, security, and monthly software updates are all included.
  • Inn8ly Lite – $49 per month
    • You add your content to the selected design
  • Inn8ly Basic – $997 setup plus $149 per month
    • A content specialist will design and build your website using your content and specifications
  • Inn8ly Basic Plus – $2,497 setup plus $199 per month
    • The Inn8ly Basic subscription plus more pages and additional functionality like eCommerce or membership or courses

The Not-So-Fine Print

You can cancel with 30 days’ notice. If you decide to move on, any software license and/or image licenses provided by Inn8ly would need to be purchased by you. There is a $175 fee to package the content files, or there’s a $300 fee to license the Inn8ly theme for one year and package the content files.

What do you get?

Inn8ly Lite

An Inn8ly Lite subscription includes:

  • A design template
  • One form: usually Contact Us
  • Integration with a major email service provider
  • Basic SEO technology** (Slim)
  • Basic tracking (Google Analytics)
  • Advanced hosting and security***

Inn8ly Basic

An Inn8ly Basic subscription includes:

  • Design (three revisions)
  • Import or add provided content for up to 15 pages or posts*
    • Light copy editing
    • Add provided images or secure stock images
  • One Custom Post Type (CPT)
  • Two forms: usually Contact Us and a newsletter signup form
  • Integration with a major email service provider
  • Basic SEO technology** (Slim)
  • Basic tracking (Google Analytics)
  • One hour of website marketing consulting
  • Advanced hosting and security***

Inn8ly Basic Plus

Everything in the Inn8ly Basic subscription plus:

  • Up to 25 pages or posts*
  • Up to three Custom Post Types
  • Up to three forms
  • Yoast SEO**
  • Two hours of website marketing consulting

And one of the following:

  • Basic eCommerce (WooCommerce)†
  • A directory†
  • Courses*
  • Membership

* Posts are any content created as individual items. For example, this can be pages, traditional blog posts, custom post types like bios, directory listings, courses, and eCommerce products. Each post will count toward the content limits. If you would like Inn8ly to add additional pages or posts, content-support hours can be purchased in bulk. Your content specialist will discuss your options.

** We add the technology to facilitate SEO. SEO management services are not included. We will help you find a resource that can execute an SEO strategy for your business.

*** Visit Security Policy for an overview.

† Data import is included; adding and/or styling directory listings or eCommerce products manually will count toward the pages/posts total.

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