Welcome to Inn8ly

We have two subscriptions that cover most situations:


The Basic subscription is ideal for websites without a lot of functionality. For example, your business needs a professional online presence, or you have a small team and need to easily managed staff bios.

$750 for the setup and $149 per month

Basic Plus

The Basic Plus subscription includes more functionality. For example, you have an online store, or your website features a directory of resources, or you will be selling courses.

$1500 for the setup and $199 per month

If you are unsure, use the button to schedule a meeting time that works for you and we will discuss your options.

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How prepared are you?

Building the website is both the easy part and the least important part. A modern website needs to be useful. It needs to create value for users and for the business.

Value comes from the content, the words, and the images used on the website to communicate your value proposition.

We can and will help you craft your content but in the end, it’s your business and your website. At the risk of putting you off, it’s very important that you are prepared.

  • What does “content provided” mean?

    Content, not having it, is the most common cause of delays. Content, meaningful information that shows how your business solves your customers’ problems, is very important to a website’s success. We can and will help but having your content organized is something you need to do.

  • What does “images provided” mean?

    Images are often what separates exceptional websites from the rest. We can and will secure images from stock photography, but if you can, please provide images that represent your business. Professional photography is worth the investment but images that show real people are also powerful.

  • What does "design" mean?

    Each Inn8ly website is designed to your specifications. We ask that you provide design examples to give us direction. We will prepare an initial design for the home page and sometimes one other page for your review. Once a design direction is selected, we will use this to guide the design of the other pages.

  • What is a "third-party integration?"

    Third-party resources are tools that are used to provide businesses with tools and functionality needed to manage operations. For example, Zoho is a software platform that provides many business operations resources. It’s common for CRM platforms like Zoho to be integrated with a website. Mindbody is another common example. Mindbody gives health clubs and yoga studios the ability to manage and sell classes. HubSpot is another example. These integrations are more complex than connecting an email service provider, another third-party platform, to a website.

Choose Your Subscription


A Basic Inn8ly website includes:

  • Design (three revisions)
  • Import or add provided content for up to 15 pages or posts*
    • Light copy editing
    • Add provided images or secure stock images
  • One Custom Post Type (CPT)
  • Two forms: usually Contact Us and a newsletter signup form
  • Integration with a major email service provider
  • Basic SEO technology** (Slim)
  • Basic tracking (Google Analytics)
  • One hour of website marketing consulting

Basic Plus

Everything in the Basic website, plus:

  • One third-party integration (For example, Zoho or Mindbody)
  • Local SEO or Premium National SEO Tech** (Yoast Premium)
  • Up to 25 pages or posts*
  • Up to three Custom Post Types
  • Up to three forms
  • Two hours of website marketing consulting

And one of the following:

  • Basic eCommerce (WooCommerce)†
  • A directory†
  • Learning Management System (Courses)*

In addition to the basic subscriptions, we have a number of other packages that you can add to your subscription depending on your needs. These can be added now or in the future. They include things like Local or National SEO technology, the Digital Marketing Package, Bulk Content Entry, or the Premium eCommerce Package.

If you are unsure, use this link to book a meeting time that works for you and we will discuss your options.

* Posts are any content created as individual items. For example, this can be pages, traditional blog posts, custom post types like bios, directory listings, courses, and eCommerce products. Each post will count toward the content limits. If you would like Inn8ly to add additional pages or posts, content-support hours can be purchased in bulk. Your content specialist will discuss your options.

** We add the technology to facilitate SEO. SEO management services are not included. We will help you find a resource that can execute an SEO strategy for your business.

† Data import is included; adding and/or styling directory listings or eCommerce products manually will count toward the pages/posts total.