James Hipkin
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Helps 6-figure businesses get the websites they need to be 7 and 8-figure businesses. 

Bios - Short and Long

Short Bio

Since 2010, James Hipkin has built his clients’ businesses with digital marketing. Today, James is passionate about websites and helping the rest of us understand online marketing. His customers value his jargon-free, common-sense approach. “James explains the ins and outs of digital marketing in ways that make sense.”

Long Bio

Over a 40-year career, James worked in marketing and advertising at a high level. Since 2010, he has built his clients’ businesses with digital marketing.

James is an accomplished, forward-thinking marketing professional. His clients included Sprint, Apple, Wells Fargo online bank, Nestlé, and Toyota. They appreciate his practical, no-nonsense approach. He has the scars and many stories to share.

His stories are always valuable and entertaining. His humor and infectious good-natured approach to marketing are fun and practical. But he never loses track of what’s important. Marketing, done well, creates value for customers and the business.

Get the Conversation Started

Questions I love.

How can a business owner use digital marketing to build their business?

What website mistakes do you see frequently?

What’s the most important thing to consider when planning digital marketing?

Why is the hub and spoke strategy so effective?

If a small business owner wants to focus on one digital marketing tactic, which one should they choose?

Where should a small business marketer start?

Topics We Can Discuss

Hear how the hub & spoke digital marketing strategy helped a website owner double revenue.

Six ways to convince website visitors to stay, in six seconds or less.

Five relationship marketing principles that grow your revenue five ways.

The Digital Marketing Pillars: Making Digital Marketing Plans Make Sense.

Understanding Marketing and Sales Funnels – no they aren’t the same things.

Understanding SEO – When it makes sense and when it doesn’t.

Social Media - Facts and Figures

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