Dynamic Privacy Policy

From: $12.00 / month and a $100.00 set-up fee

Adding a dynamic privacy policy is important if you want to:

  1. Avoid massive fines and lawsuits
  2. Limit your liability
  3. Keep control of your website
  4. Protect your intellectual-property
  5. Ensure legitimacy to your website visitors

Any website collecting as little as an email address on a contact form should not only have a Privacy Policy, it should have a Privacy Policy that’s kept up to date when the laws change.

Fines for violations of privacy laws start at $2,500 per violation (per website visitor).

There is a $100 setup fee to, well, get things set up. You will need to complete the online forms as we can’t make business decisions on your behalf.

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The primary goal of most business websites is to generate more quality leads. Other goals can include improving website performance through analytics or encouraging users to register for newsletters. Whether it be because of contact forms, website analytics tools, or newsletter integration, websites are constantly collecting the personal information of their users.

Over the past few years, privacy laws have been implemented by certain states and countries to protect the personal information of their citizens. Over the coming years, more privacy laws will be introduced. Privacy fines can range from $2,500 up to $7,500 per infringement (which could mean per website visitor).

These privacy laws do not care about where the business is located; they only care to protect their citizens. Many of these privacy laws and bills also do not care about the size of the company. Because of this, we recommend to all of our customers that they consider not only having a Privacy Policy but also having a strategy to keep it up to date over time.

Termageddon not only helps you quickly generate a Privacy Policy for your website, but their team monitors privacy laws and can automatically update your policies when the laws change. They are the only Privacy Policy generator listed as a trusted vendor by the IAPP.org, an organization consisting of 60,000 privacy attorneys and professionals. We even use Termageddon on our own website.

  1. Includes an auto-updating Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions, Disclaimer, and more for your website (you will need to provide key information required to complete the onboarding form)
  2. Includes the GDPR Cookie Consent Plugin
  3. Your policies stay up to date automatically
  4. Receive updates directly from Termageddon when new privacy laws are going into effect
  5. Receive notifications when new questions need to be answered to ensure you are compatible with new required disclosures
  6. Attorney friendly – Invite your attorney to review the policies and even ‘override’ sections of each policy to their liking if they wish. Future updates will be suggested by Termageddon, but they won’t override what your attorney changed without your permission.