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I remember the first time I reached out to you guys, I thought there was a catch. There has to be a catch. There’s no way it can be this easy. I already had content; I just needed it built and running. And then boom! There it was. Wow. ~ Margaret

Craft Your Author’s Legacy Online: Simple, Affordable, Authentic!

Stepping into the digital realm can be daunting for any author, especially when confronted by complex tech jargon, inflated costs, and impersonal design templates. That’s where Inn8ly Lite shines. 

Designed with authors like you in mind, our pre-designed websites tackle the technical overwhelm, offering a straightforward and user-friendly experience. 

We understand that every penny counts, which is why we prioritize transparent, affordable pricing without compromising on quality. 

With Inn8ly Lite, your site will genuinely reflect your voice and story, eliminating the fear of impersonal results. 

And once you’re on board, our experienced and knowledgeable support team ensures you’re never alone on this digital journey—we answer the phone. 

Choose an Inn8ly Lite pre-designed website and let your book shine brightly in the online world.

User-Friendly Website Management for Every Author’s Comfort.

Navigate the digital realm with ease using Inn8ly Lite’s intuitive dashboard. Designed with authors in mind, our platform ensures a hassle-free experience, letting you focus on what you do best—writing. Embrace the simplicity, and bring your book’s presence online with confidence.

Quality Meets Affordability: Empower Your Author’s Presence Without Straining Your Wallet.

Discover the perfect balance with Inn8ly Lite. Our platform delivers professional, sleek website designs tailored for authors, all at a budget-friendly price. Elevate your online presence, showcase your work, and do it all without breaking the bank.

Mirror Your Book’s Soul with Personalized Copy and Design.

Let your website be a true reflection of your literary masterpiece. With Inn8ly Lite, tailor every detail, from compelling copy to captivating design, ensuring your online presence is as unique and profound as your book. Your story deserves a platform that resonates; we help you create it.

Fast-Track Your Online Presence: Achieve Your Dream Website in No Time.

Dive into the digital age without the wait. Inn8ly Lite’s streamlined tools and intuitive interface propel your website from concept to live in record time. Why ponder technicalities when you can swiftly turn your online aspirations into a vibrant reality?

Guidance, Assistance, Success: We’re with You at Every Step.

Embarking on a digital journey shouldn’t be a solo endeavor. At Inn8ly Lite, our dedicated team offers continuous support, ensuring you navigate every phase with confidence and ease. From initial setup to ongoing tweaks, your success is our shared destination.

Elevate Your Impact – Choose a Templates that Aligns with Your Audience

You want visitors to recognize that they are in the right place and that there’s something for them.

Business One Page

A single-page design for a business audience.

Coaches One Page

A single-page design for coaches with a female audience.

Natural One Page

A single-page natural design for authors with a female audience.

All Business

Your book is for all business owners.

Business for Women

Your book is for female business owners.


You’re a coach with a female audience.


Your book is about the arts and design.


Your book is about spirituality for women.


You write romance novels for women.

The Not-So-Fine Print

What You Get

  • A responsive design template that you can modify with your words and images.
    • If you aren’t familiar with the WordPress editor, look for WP101 in the dashboard sidebar. A full range of tutorials that you can access at any time is included.
  • Form software.
    • You can use it to edit the Contact form included in the design template or create a new form, like a newsletter signup form.
    • The form software integrates with common email service providers.
  • Basic SEO technology.
    • We add the technology to facilitate SEO management. SEO management services are not included. We will help you find a resource to execute an SEO strategy for your business.
  • Basic tracking script management to add and manage scripts like Google Analytics 4 or the Facebook script.
    • Look for Tracking Scripts Manager in the dashboard sidebar.
  • Advanced modern hosting and security.

What You Don’t Get

Inn8ly Lite is a DIY solution. While we’ve made every effort to make editing the site easy, you will need to add the copy and images required to make the website yours. WP101 tutorials are included in your subscription. The tutorial videos cover everything you will need to know to edit your website.

Of course, the Inn8ly team is there for you. If you would rather have one of our content specialists build out your pages, you can purchase a content support bundle, and we will assign a content specialist to you.