Membership Add On

$25.00 / month with a 30-day free trial and a $350.00 set-up fee

The Membership Add On is important if you:

  1. Want to protect (gate) access to content
  2. Plan to or are selling memberships
  3. Manage multiple membership levels

If you plan to offer memberships, and you want to protect your knowledge and expertise (content), the Membership Add On will make sense. It gives you the technology you need to create and manage access to pages and posts. And it gives you up to five hours* of support from a content specialist for the initial setup. Protect your IP and create value for your customers and your business. Inn8ly takes care of you.



What will the Membership Add On do for me?

Offering or selling memberships has many benefits.

You can use memberships as a lead magnet designed to attract high-value prospects. Memberships can be used for internal training. Memberships can be sold in addition to other products or services. Selling memberships can be your business.

Your intellectual property is valuable. Protect it behind a membership layer. Sell access or simply control access.

The Membership Add On gives your website the technology you need to protect your valuable content. Specifically:

  1. Gates content so only members can view
  2. Gives you the option to create multiple membership levels
  3. Lets you set the length of time a member can access their membership
  4. Can offer a variety of methods for payment (lump sum or installments)
  5. Creates coupon options
  6. Offers different automation processes depending on the membership (welcome email, payment receipts, auto-renew, time limit reminders)

You also have access to up to five hours* of time from one of our experienced content specialists. They have the experience to get you started quickly.

*Additional content-support hours can be purchased in bulk. Your content specialist will discuss your options.