Does having a marketing landing page really make a difference?

Yes, it makes a big difference.

So why is this true?

By focusing on the immediate task, a marketing landing page is more likely to convert.

How do I Design an Effective Marketing Landing Page?

There are many, many resources and landing page tools that support the “how to” in great detail. There isn’t as much information on the principles, the stuff that matters. In this post, we will provide some principles to help business owners stay focused on the things that really matter, the marketing landing page best practices that a business owner should stay focused on.

Broadly, visitors arrived on the marketing landing page as a result of marketing activity. You don’t need to sugarcoat it. They are there because they have chosen to be there. Present the problem you’re solving, agitate the problem, and then present the solution to the problem. Finally, make it easy for them to say, “Yes, please.”

The details are important, and we’ll get into them here, but this is what matters: it should be above the fold.

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Marketing Landing Page Best Practices

  • Focus on the primary objective, yours and your customer’s–they want a solution to their problem, and you want to sell them the solution
  • Don’t make them think—use the space and present the content in a way that makes it easy to scan and digest and ensure that the design and copy echos the marketing that got them there
  • The headline—problems and solutions, not features and attributes (see primary objective above)
  • Copy that sells—copy that’s clear and to the point; don’t get cute (see primary objective above)
  • It’s the offer, stupid–make it easy to buy
  • Ask for the sale—position the CTA toward the top and on the right side
  • Assume nothing, test everything–but test big things

Obviously, this is a super high-level view of “best practices.” We will dive into the details, the nuances, below. But don’t lose track of these fundamentals. The reality is, if you hit the high points, if you get the fundamentals right, you will have more effective marketing landing pages, landing pages that convert to sales.

How is an Effective Marketing Landing Page Structured?

Most marketing landing pages use some variation of the following structure: Problem – Agitate – Solve. In addition, there are a number of other sections that will be included. The order might be changed up, or sections might be repeated, but to be effective, to some degree, an effective marketing landing page will check all these boxes.

Before you start, do a deep dive into your best customers and prepare a customer avatar. And as you work through the details, keep the best practices listed above in mind. Use them to assess your work.

Problem – Identify the Pain

People buy benefits; they buy solutions to their problems. Make the problem you are solving front and center. It should be featured and communicated clearly in the main headline. Don’t get cute. Clever copy doesn’t convert efficiently. The headline should communicate the problem. The above-the-fold design (image) and headline should also echo the ad or copy that got them to the landing page. Reinforce that they are in the right place. There should be a CTA above the fold. Make it easy to take action.

Agitate – Emphasize the Pain

What are the stakes? What does the consumer risk by not taking action? Agitate the pain to the point of discomfort. Use examples of what will happen. Make it emotional. Describe how it can only get worse. Emphasize the urgency. “You only have days to get things sorted out.” Don’t spend a lot of real estate on this, but do give it a good kick.

Solve – Present the Gain

Now it’s time to solve the problem. Present your solution and your value proposition. Be confident. Declarative statements work best here. A demonstration is a good idea. Images are an effective way to do this. Communicate how you get it and how you have a solution for them. You’ve created urgency; now, make it easy to buy. Include a clear call to action.

Have a Clear Call to Action

Make the call to action clear, specific, and action-oriented.

BUY NOW! is better than Learn More.

Introduce the CTA early and often. It should be above the fold. Many buyers have already been to the page, and when they return, make it easy to buy. It should be distributed throughout the page. You don’t know when they will make the decision to buy, so when they do divide, there should be a CTA handy.

It should be mobile-friendly. Most people are right-handed. Position the CTA where it’s easy to touch with the thumb.

Provide Reasons to Believe

The following sections are ways to convince prospects that your solution is the best solution. They can all be used or you can select the ones that will work best for your product and audience. The order isn’t vital.

Present the USP

The unique selling proposition (USP) is where you can summarize what’s come before. Emphasize what makes your solution unique. Why is your solution the obvious choice? In this section, reinforce how your solution is the best solution.

Overcome Obstacles

Explain why your solution is the best solution. This is where features and attributes are powerful. Give them the facts and figures. Give them the reasons they need to believe that your solution is the solution they’re looking for. Be clear. An effective technique is to state the objections and then provide the argument literally. This is your chance to be rational and logical. Depending on the audience and the offer, there may be an opportunity to be emotional here as well.

Support with Social Proof

Marketing landing page best practices - social proof example "billions of burgers sold."

This will be some combination of testimonials, star ratings, brands, or influencers who’ve purchased. Images are good. People buy people, so add an image of people where you can. Statistics can be used. Famously, McDonald’s has been touting the number of burgers sold since its early days. Recognizable icons are good, “Brands We’ve Worked With.”

You want the consumer to have confidence in what you are selling.

Conclusion – Marketing Landing Page Best Practices

In this short post, we’ve provided an overview of landing page best practices and the stuff that matters, and we’ve given you a structure for landing pages that’s a proven formula. But don’t lose track of what’s important. It starts with the customer and understanding what their problem is. It uses PAS (Problem Agitate Solve) to set up and deliver the sales message. Whether the landing page is long or short, it will have these key elements.

Author: James Hipkin

Since 2010, James Hipkin has built his clients’ businesses with digital marketing. Today, James is passionate about websites and helping the rest of us understand online marketing. His customers value his jargon-free, common-sense approach. “James explains the ins and outs of digital marketing in ways that make sense.”

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