Lead generation has changed drastically over the last few years. The standard PDF lead magnet of old no longer cuts it. Where it used to be read cover to cover and eagerly devoured it now sits gathering virtual dust on desktops.


Because our audiences have become very savvy when it comes to online marketing. It’s almost harder to give them something for free than it is to sell them something.

They’ve become wise to the so-called amazing Ebooks, Cheatsheets, and Guides that all promise you something wonderful but leave you with nothing more than some fluffy information you could have googled for yourself.

But fear not because there is a new kid in town. One that gives insane value and actually teaches you something whilst being incredibly specific in the information it imparts.

I’m talking about the Quiz Funnel…and yes it’s an entire marketing funnel and not just a lead magnet.

This is a full strategy that gives you the power of specificity, the ability to send targeted emails to your audience, and one that truly nurtures your leads.

And that’s not all. 

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Quiz Funnels are Interactive & Fun

Attention spans are short so you need to get people’s attention AND keep it. That’s where quizzes do such a good job. Interactive content beats passive PDFs hands down every time.

You Can Be Ultra Specific

Most of us have a diverse audience at different stages and trying to speak to all of them is hard. A quiz funnel allows you to impart information that is relevant and specific to the person reading it.

It gives you that opportunity to get inside the head of your ideal client to a point where they turn around and say, oh my goodness, that’s exactly how I feel. This person actually gets me and understands me. 

It’s the difference between buying a ‘one size fits all’ outfit when you could buy a custom-tailored, made-to-measure, one that makes you feel like a million dollars.

Your Audience Learn Something About Themselves

As humans, we have a thirst for self-knowledge. When your quiz asks a question you know your audience has, that they want to know the answer to, lead generation magic is created.  

A well-constructed quiz will give your audience value, actionable steps, and a quick win that’s relevant to them and their challenge.

Conversion Rates Are Insane

According to BuzzSumo, 82% of users will complete a quiz if they see it on social.

Segmentation is Easy

Through your quiz questions, you’ll learn what your audience struggles with, their fears, their desires, and their hopes allowing you to send them very targeted marketing that speaks to them directly.

It’s the power of specificity. No longer do you have to send generic emails that talk to every pain point your audience has. Instead, you can meet them exactly where they’re at in their journey.

Brings DOWN your Ad Costs

Your quiz is about driving traffic and not conversion, so the cost of your Facebook Ads is so much lower compared to webinar ads, video ads, or any type of lead magnet ads. Often as low as just 10 cents per lead.

A Quiz Funnel will…

Grow your Email List

A quiz is so much more than something you take in your lunch break to pass the time. It has the power to drive incredibly targeted traffic to your website and ultimately onto your list, day in and day out. It’s list-building on steroids.

Helps You Learn About Your Audience

There is no other lead magnet that lets you learn about your audience at the same time as your audience learning something from you.

Your quiz questions, when done right, let you discover information about your ideal client which in turn allows you to embrace the power of specificity we talked about earlier.

Using the answers you receive to those questions you can segment your leads so generic marketing becomes a thing of the past.

Give Value & Quick Wins

The outcomes of your quiz and the results people receive are where your power lies. 

When you write quiz results, how well you understand the natural wiring of each audience member matters. How can you weave in their attributes, personality traits, challenges, motivations, goals, and quirks?

And remember, as with all lead magnets your quiz isn’t trying to save the world. You’re simply helping them to identify areas of weakness, which their quiz results show, and provide a solution that allows them to take action but not the whole, complete solution.

That whole solution is your paid product or service. What you’re giving them here is just a twinkling of what you have.

Builds Know, Like & Trust

They say people have to experience your brand at least 8 times before being ready to buy.

A well-designed quiz, that takes you on a journey and lets you fast track that number by showing up consistently in their Inbox allowing them to build a personal and emotional connection with you.

Pro Tip

Quizzes are an efficient way to attract prime prospects and draw them into mid-funnel tactics that build know, like, and trust.

And did you know there are three different types of lead generation quizzes?

First up is the Evergreen Quiz which is your main lead magnet driving traffic consistently onto your email list. It attracts, targets, and nurtures the leads entering your world so when you’re ready to sell they’ll be ready to listen, hungry to buy what you’re offering, and objections will be a thing of the past.

Then we have the Launch Quiz which allows you to build an email list full of warm, pre-qualified leads all looking for a solution to the problem your new product or service is solving.

Unlike other quizzes, the topic of a launch quiz is specific to the course, membership, or service you’ll be offering instead of hitting on a more generic pain point of your audience.

And finally, we have the Sales Quiz. Unlike an Evergreen or Launch quiz, you’ll be offering a low-cost, no-brainer, opportunity to buy from you or learn from you immediately.

Whether you’re selling a book or digital product they get a small glimpse into the solution you provide and begin their customer journey with you straight away.

But there is one more quiz to add to the mix which I haven’t mentioned yet and that’s an assessment style quiz. It’s usually offered as part of a bigger strategy along with the Evergreen Quiz as a two-pronged approach which we’ll cover further down.

So what does this look like when we put it all together?

Let me introduce you to Josh Elledge, a syndicated TV consumer expert & newspaper columnist who now helps consultants, coaches, and agencies build 7-figure B2B Sales Systems (with zero paid advertising). 

Josh wanted a quiz to help build his email list and segment his audience so he could tailor his offer to meet their needs. 

He knew he was leaving money on the table as far as his leads were concerned and this was something he wanted to change.

When we chatted it became clear that all Josh’s clients had the same problem and that was getting in front of more of their dream clients. Lead generation was the common denominator between all of them so that’s where we started. 

After brainstorming a variety of phrases and buzzwords we decided on a quiz title of ‘What is Your #1 Lead Generation Blocker?’

We then broke this down into four problem areas:

  • Attraction – I don’t know how to attract qualified leads to my business
  • Conversion – I’m generating lots of interest but can’t seem to convert and close the deal
  • Time – I’ve got lots of small clients all taking up my time so I’m stuck trading time for money
  • Price – I’m not charging enough for the work I’m doing which is stopping me from working with my dream clients

These became our four Quiz Outcomes and depending on how someone answered the quiz questions determined which of the outcomes was more relevant or was the most dominant. 

The quiz results pages, one for each outcome, then give the quiz taker some great insight into their lead blocker. Each page is unique to that blocker and shows them what’s possible, giving them some actionable steps they can take straight away to start making a difference. 

But we didn’t stop there as this is only the first part of the strategy. 

As a teaser at the end of the quiz results pages, we remind them that a PERSONALIZED REPORT explaining their Unique Results will be hitting their Inbox in about 5 minutes. (Which is also a great place to tell them to check their Junk Mail if they haven’t received it.)

Now they’re primed and ready to start receiving and reading Josh’s emails. 

And don’t forget, all that juicy information we gathered from the quiz is mapped across into Josh’s CRM so he can start to send very specific and targeted emails as part of the Quiz Nurture Campaign.

This starts building the know, like & trust factor creating an emotional connection and bringing them a step further in their journey with Josh.

But we’re not finished yet.

With any type of lead magnet, you create there should always be a CTA (Call To Action) that takes them to the next stage. 

In this case, it’s a Masterclass Video Series Josh created to help them overcome their lead generation blocker by showing them how, over the next 4 months, they can create unlimited conversations with their dream customers. 

His promise through this masterclass series is to get them more big-ticket sales, consistent and predictable cash flow, more speaking and media invites, and even more partnerships with amazing centers of influence all with zero paid ads.

And then we hit them with the final part of the strategy, our assessment quiz, or as we called it for Josh’s quiz funnel, The Success Predictor.

This is a pre-qualifier quiz that sits at the bottom of the funnel, unlike the lead blocker quiz which sits at the top of the funnel. Its sole purpose is to segment them into an offer, one that’s relevant to where they’re at in their business and is aligned with what they’re able to invest.

At the end of the Masterclass Series Josh invites viewers to take the Success Predictor. This gives them a score and customized action plan for moving forward in their journey to get more of their dream clients.  

It also tells Josh in the backend of the system if he needs to book a call, send an automated email, or create a personalized video making sure he is using his time wisely with pre-qualified hot leads who are ready for the level of service he is offering.

This is a complete top to bottom fully fleshed-out Quiz Funnel that converts like crazy. It’s early days but so far the quiz has had a 54.8% conversion rate as opposed to the average PDF lead magnet email opt-in rate of only 1.95%.

Interested to know which quiz is right for your business? Funnily enough, I have a quiz for that – What’s the BEST Lead Generation Quiz for Your Online Biz?

Kylie Lang

Kylie Lang is a Quiz Funnel Strategist and Course Creator. She works with coaches, other course creators, and service providers to grow their email list, get more leads, and have sell-out launches using the power of an automated lead generation quiz funnel. 

She discovered the power of quizzes back in 2016 and it was love at first click because this was lead generation on steroids.  

Fast forward to 2022 and she’s helped her clients have multiple 6-figure launches and seen her own email list increase by over 700% through implementing high converting quiz funnels.